What is Symp Vibes?

Sympathetic Vibrations (Symp Vibes) is an all-male a cappella group founded in the Fall of 1997 by James Clawson. We usually have 12-15 active members as well as some members who are on co-op rotations or other various diversions. We rehearse three times a week and sing music arranged by members and alumni of the group. We perform at various events on Georgia Tech’s campus, in Atlanta, and across the state of Georgia. We also hold a few of our own concerts at various campus venues each semester.

Audition Criteria

We hold auditions each semester during the second week of school. Our auditions include two rounds–an initial round where we lead you through some scales to check your range and tonal memory to assess how well you learn by ear. We’ll also have you sing a solo from a song you’d hear on the radio. Mostly during the initial round we’re looking for musical ability, stage presence, and confidence (this is a KEY element to a successful audition).

Callbacks are by invitation only and give you a chance to sing with the whole group. We run callbacks similarly to a regular rehearsal, except we’ll ask you to sing one-per-part after you’ve learned the music in order to assess how quickly and effectively you’ve learned it. During callbacks we really look for confidence and personality, and we want to see how you fit in with the group. We’ll also listen for blend and solo ability, so please step up for a solo if you know some of the music we sing.

Lastly, one thing that we look for throughout the audition process is commitment. We spend a lot of time rehearsing, gigging, recording, etc. and it is absolutely necessary that you understand the commitment that it takes to be in this group. Please let us know what your other commitments and priorities are–it is much easier to resolve conflicts early on.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions! For more information please contact our music director (rhuckaby3@gatech.edu).